Hydraulic 22HP Power Unit

The Matweld Dual Circuit Power Unit is designed to deliver 2-5 gpm or 1-10 gpm circuits at 2000 psi. Mobility for the power unit is available in either of two methods with accessories listed below. Model 00100H Power unit comes complete with hose reel and 50’ hose mounted onto the unit.




Weight: 302 lbs (137 kgs)

Length: 34 in (864 mm)

Height: 24 in (610 mm)

Width: 24 in (610 mm)


Engine: 22 hp Kohler

Fuel: gasoline

Start: electric 12 volt


Pressure: 2000 PSI (140 BAR)

Flow: 2-5 gpm (19 lpm)

or 1-10 gpm (38 lpm)

Fluid: hydraulic

5 us gal (18.9) liters



06300— Power unit mobility cart

02326—Hose reel equipped with 50’ transmission hose and mounting bracket

06327— Power unit mobility kit


Part #: MAT-0100K


Rail Gap Adjuster



The Enerco KT-30 is a hydraulically operated hand pumped Rail Gap Adjuster, capable of either pushing or pulling rail ends with a force of up to

300 Kn or 30 tonnes.


It carries its own weight on built-in rollers for easy transit along the rail and because it is totally self contained, bulky powerpacks are not required.


The unit grips the rail head, leaving access to remove fishplates and replace insulating end posts, while still holding any tension or compression present in the rail.


The Rail Gap Adjuster makes it possible to replace a failed end post without the need to wait for the rail to cool down. This can be done in less than half an hour, reducing train delays and saving significant sums of money in the process.



Replacing insulated joint end posts without removing the fishplates.


Adjusting the gap on jointed track, switches and crossings to correct for creep movement.


Replacing broken and worn fishplates using our Master 35® Impact Wrench or other suitable device.


Adjusting breather switches utilizing the nearest fishplate joint.


The KT-30 can push/pull up to 100mm (4”) in a single operation and up to 250mm (10”) with several passes.


Length 1500MM (59")
Width 750MM (29.2")
Height 530MM (21")
Stroke 100MM (4")
Weight 100 kgs (220 lbs")

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