Part #: TC-101


• This easy to use back saver handles

cross ties and switch ties.


• A 6-point carbide gripper ensures

balance and prevents slipping.



• No slings are required.

• Its thin profile allows the Tie Caddy

to grab loosened crossing planks or

set planks in place.



• Max opening:  10”

• Min opening 6”

• Light Weight: 17½ lbs

• Capacity: 1,000 lbs



Multi-Purpose Rail Sling

Part #: MPS-S and MPS-L



Now you can move rail safely!


This sling can:

• Pick up insulated joints

• Pick up plug rail

• Pick up and balance rails

• Pick up small sections of rail

• Avoid potential handling hazards

• Free up your workers


Rail is:

• Easily picked up

• Balanced

• Quick and easily assembled

• Safe to carry


Ideal for small section trucks

At only 28 pounds, this sling is lighter than standard rail tongs!

Weight: 28 lbs (13 kg)

Size: Small - MPS-S (28 in straps)

Large - MPS-L (72 in straps)

Lift Capacity: 4,800 lbs (2177 kg)




Square Handle

Bull Dawg Threader (Hook Handle)

The IPS Bull Dawg Threader is rugged and designed with
high-quality bearings and rollers to ensure long-lasting performance. Available with either squared handle for use with IPS rail tongs or the triangular, peaked handle for use with a crane hook. Also available with a square handle for use with IPS lifting tongs either as a complete unit (2310044C) or individually (2310044C-01) for easy swapping/replacement in the field.

Technical Data:

Make: IPS

Weight: 280 lbs

WLL: 6 Ton

Dim: 19" x 14.5" x 15"

(18.5" w/ handle raised)








Pivot & Rollers


PART # INN-2310044D

For a free demonstration, quotation or more information on any of our products please contact us today!



Steel Tool and Supply Carts

Increase your material transportation and handling efficiency with a job-proven Nolan cart or track dolly. Loads of up to 5,000 lbs. are easily

transported. Standard features for carts include:

• Fully welded, all steel, tubular frames

• Cast aluminum wheels with pre-greased, sealed ball bearings

• Insulated axle

• Easy handling

• Compact design

• Large load capacity

• Built for standard track gauge

• Can be custom-built for a specific track gauge

TS Series Carts

Convenience, durability, and a 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) load capacity have made Nolan’s Tool and Supply Carts an industry standard. Easily handled by one person, the two-piece design “fits together” and locks securely. No screws, bolts or straps are required. Together, the sections form a large (46” x 45”) heavy duty expanded metal deck. High carbon tubular steel forms the frame assembly. The push handle is removable and stake pockets provide for containment of deck area materials. The whole package is field proven to ensure years of maintenance-of-way service.

Length Assembled 56-1/2” (1,435 mm) 56-1/2” (1,435 mm) 56-1/2” (1,435 mm)
Weight Assembled 175 lbs (79 kgs) 194 lbs (88 kgs) 201 lbs (91 kgs)
Height With Handle 7-1/8” (689 mm) 28-5/8” (727 mm) 27-1/8” (689 mm)
Deck,Height (above rails) 9-1/8” (232 mm) 10-5/8” (270 mm) 9-1/8” (232 mm)
Handle Weight 6 lbs (3 kgs) 6 lbs (3 kgs) 6 lbs (3 kgs)
Deck Area 46” x 45” (1,168 mm x 1,143 mm) 46” x 45” (1,168 mm x 1,143 mm) 46” x 45” (1,168 mm x 1,143 mm)
Load Capacity 5,000 lbs (2,268 kgs) 5,000 lbs (2,268 kgs) 5,000 lbs (2,268 kgs)

Track Dollies

TD-1 and TD-2 Track Dollies

The 1,500 lb (680 kg) capacity Nolan Track Dolly is available in two models for use as a general maintenance carrier or inspector’s dolly. Both TD models are made of the same high quality metals as Nolan’s tool and supply carts. The TD-1 model is longer and slightly wider to more efficiently handle maintenance tools and materials.

A kickstand-type spike adds stability during loading and unloading.



TD-3 Track Dolly

Also offering a 1,500 lb (680 kg) capacity, the TD-3 is designed for larger, odd-sized loads that might be impractical for the two wheel models. The same double-flanged wheels and rugged construction are used. A stabilizing roller on a telescoping axle allows the 36” x 23” deck to accept larger sized loads, within the 1,500 lb capacity. The removable handle may be installed on either end of the unit, and the stabilizer wheel and axle retract into the frame, easing transport and storage. Built for standard 56.5” (1,435 mm) track gauge.



SPECIFICATIONS TD-1 Track Dolly TD-2 Track Dolly TD-3 Track Dolly
Length 52-5/8” (1,333 mm) 36-1/4” (920 mm) 43” (1,092 mm)
Width 15-1/2” (394 mm) 14” (356 mm) 41-7/8” (1,060 mm)
Height With Handle 31” (787 mm) 31” (787 mm) 32-1/2” (825 mm)
Deck Height (above rails) 8-1/4” (210 mm) 8-1/4” (210 mm) 10-1/8” (257 mm)
Weight 74 lbs (33.6 kgs) 58 lbs (26 kgs) 87 lbs (40 kgs)
Load Capacity 1,500 lbs (680 kgs) 1,500 lbs (680 kgs) 1,500 lbs (680 kgs)

Rail Dollies

RD-1 and RD-2 Rail Dollies

Move along materials with two or more Nolan rail dollies. These lightweight dollies have sockets for stakes, and holes in the beam members for fastening or chaining rails, timbers, or similar loads. Built for standard 56.5” (1.435 mm) track gauge.

SPECIFICATIONS RD-1 Rail Dolly RD-2 Rail Dolly
Capacity 2,000 lbs (907 kgs) 2,000 lbs (907 kgs)
Weight 48 lbs (22 kgs) 60 lbs (27 kgs)
Wheel Diameter 5” (127 mm) 8” (203 mm)


Track Jack-TJ10

The Stanley TJ10 Track Jack offers the latest in safety improvements to reduce back and operator injuries. The jack boasts the lightest weight of any hydraulic track jack in its class at 43.5lbs / 19.7 kg. The jack is available in four different models

including the narrow base bridge version and

theremote pump model, to suit all of your track

jack applications. The TJ10 offers many features

not found on competitive models.


• Durable - One piece forged aluminum base upright and protected plunger/seals and pump   pivot,extends the service life of the jack. Potential leakage has been greatly reduced as the seals   and piston are at the top of the jack and are not exposed to the ballast or operator abuse.


• An accessory anchor point is located in the top of the jack to accept: extensions, flex heads, wedge heads, and spreader toes, for a wide range of uses including lifting or moving rail and ties/sleepers. It is ideal for lining and gauging applications.


• Fixed, in-line, padded carrying handle makes it   even easier to carry.


• Lowest pump handle effort in themarket place –

 only requires 75 lbs /334 N.


• 10 tons of lifting force.


• Low profile for superior stability.


• Lowest toe profile height of only 1.875 in /

 47.6 mm for easy positioning under the

 base of the rail.


•  Indexed toe eliminates swivel and provides safe stable platform.


• Convertible from integral pump to remote pump



• Internal reservoir bladder allows operation in any position.


• Spring return allows the unloaded jack to return to the retracted position.

Stroke (total lift) 8.9 in 22.6 cm
Amount of travel per pump stroke .15 in 3.8 mm
Lifting capacity 10 tons 9,072 kg
Weight 43.5 lbs 19.7 kg
Operating pressure 7,300 psi 500 bar
Maximum handle effort at full load 75 lbs 334 N
Maximum toe height 1.875 in 47.6 mm
Overall collapsed height 14.5 in 36.8 cm
Base width (standard version) 6 in 15.2 cm
Base width (narrow version) 4.5 in 11.4 cm
Base Length 11 in 27.9 cm
TJ10111 Track Jack, Integral Pump, Hydraulic Jack
TJ10211 Track Jack, Remote Pump, Hydraulic Jack
TJ10112 Track Jack, Integral Pump, Narrow Base Bridge Jack
TJ10212 Track Jack, Remote Pump, Narrow Base Bridge Jack


Stanley manufactured tools and their associated parts are warranted

against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of purchase. Stanley reserves the right to repair or replace only those parts that prove to have been defective at the time of purchase. This warranty becomes void if maximum flow and pressure ratings

are exceeded.




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