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QMP 3000LP Hydra-Switch
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The 3000LP Hydra-Switch can make any yard more productive with its versatility and ease of operation.

Hydraulically operated and automatic, it can tackle all applications that otherwise would require manual or electrical yard switch machines.  The hydraulic operations reduce the chance for injuries when throwing a manual switch.

Battery-powered with an optional solar-charging system, the 3000LP eliminates the worry or effects of power outages.

The Hydra-Switch is automatic, enhancing safety in the yard and reducing the risk of human error or accidents by manual switching.

It eliminates delay caused by waiting for the utility man. Downtime also is greatly reduced, as tasks can be scheduled and entered ahead of time.

With the automated system, the Hydra-Switch helps align routes in less time and enables quicker cuts. Fewer resources are needed, and productivity is increased.

The 3000LP Hydra-Switch is a switch for the better – and a switch for the smarter.

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